Rumin8 Group

Changing The Way You Think About Growth!

We are a growth consulting firm who partners with organizations all over the world to help support their growth strategy through the development and growth of their teams.

What we offer:

Growth Strategy

Performance Management

Leadership Development

We specialize in leadership and organizational culture, helping people achieve the highest levels of performance, engagement, and teamwork.

We have developed a Performance Management model that helps groups of individuals develop stable, sustainable cultures that allow for continuous improvement. Our training programs are designed to give individuals both the framework and skills needed to generate breakthrough results.

Our Services

Who do We work with?

We are a team of leading consultants for executive coaching and leadership development who possess expertise in identifying the gaps in growth, communication, and development within organizations.

We provide solutions for companies who are planning for high level recruits or business acquisitions by managing the transitions .

What Problems do we solve?

The right leader development path can transform a company and its culture. The wrong one can set people back and cause added stress for everyone involved.

We help guide companies find their optimal development path through our business and leadership assessment tools and services, coaching, and training programs that focus on the specific challenges companies face today.

Leadership is not just a set of behaviors, it is a path which includes learning and acquiring new skills.

Having the qualities of a good leader is one thing, but integrating them into daily work habits is another. Our professional development workshops provide participants with specific tools and guidance in transforming their individual leadership practices. We develop these sessions by using what we call Coaching Labs.  These are interactive two part sessions guided by our facilitators blended with individual and team activities designed to develop new skills. This approach helps us to quickly reach all different levels of learners, from those just starting on their leadership path to those who have been.

So many people are promoted to management without ever being given training on how to lead people and manage them.

We believe that business is all about people and relationships. That’s why we teach the coaching process to all leaders and have them practice this process with their direct reports. Through this process, we help leaders gain a greater understanding of performance management, personal development, and career planning for their direct reports. By developing leadership skills and increasing an individual’s willingness to accept new responsibilities and grow within the organization, business owners can expect to increase team morale, boost overall productivity, improve employee retention rates, reduce turnover costs-and possibly even identify new business development opportunities.