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We help you reach your maximum potential through our signature coaching program, organizational design process, and specific trainings and workshops tailored to your unique business needs.

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Invest your time with The Rumin8 Group and receive an ROI that will take you to the next level”

BA Manager at League Data

Training combined with coaching offers an 88% increase in productivity

Training alone offers a 22.4% increase in productivity

What is your team capable of? 

Growing coaching culture in your organization

When coaching is done well, you can significantly influence and accelerate the growth of your team members and the entire team. 

The Radicle Growth Coaching Program provides an evolved, holistic approach to coaching that gives leaders everything they need to create a culture for coaching and get team members to take ownership of their own development. 

The Radicle Growth Coaching Program includes:

  • 6 interactive coaching modules
  • 6 comprehensive workbooks
  • 1:1 team coaching sessions
  • Coaching certificate upon completion 


Have you experienced the power of transformative coaching?

Did you know effective coaching delivers an ROI of 7x?

You’re one click away from becoming a transformational leader.

The Radicle Growth coaching program  feels like a 6 month university program

Content Lead at Focus Media Group

Any company would find the Radicle Growth Coaching Program to be a huge benefit to their business from top to bottom. It feels like a six-month university program. The direction was very clear and support was accessible whenever it was needed.

Clearing your path to growth

You’ve worked too hard to build a successful business to let it all fall apart once you take a step back or have key team members leave. 

Organizational Design strategy sessions and workshops help you answer core questions like:

  • What are the critical roles in your organization?
  • Where are your weak points?
  • What does your organization chart look like?
  • What would happen at each role if it became vacant tomorrow?
  • Who owns the succession planning process?
  • What’s the true impact of not having a clear succession plan in place?

Together, we’ll redesign your org chart to create development paths, plan cross-functional training, and give every team member clarity on their growth plan. We’ll connect everything from top to bottom, linking promotions and backfills, identifying risks, and identifying future successors. 


Does every member of your organization have a clear path from where they are to where they could be? At The Rumin8 Group, we work directly with your executive team and people leaders to organize and plan the human capital side of your business. 

Less than 35% of organizations  have a formal succession plan

When every team member knows where they’re growing, your team is more invested, productive, and successful.

The Organizational Design workshop helped our company build and focus more on talent management.

HR Manager at Proposify

What we learned will enable the company to retain great talent and create highly productive teams.”

Taking people from where they are to where they want to go, and building the steps in between

Success isn’t just about taking risks. It’s about taking a strategic risk with expert support, so you can get out of your comfort zone and into your growth zone. 

We help owners and CEOs reach their top goals and desired outcomes by asking calculated questions, unlocking the doors that need to be opened, and creating action plans based on what we learn. 


If you had someone to support you on your journey… where could you get to?  Where would you be if you had someone pushing you past your fear zone to where you need to be?

You have big goals, an ambitious drive to succeed, and are open to learning and trying new things with expert support. And our Executive Coaching Program is just what you need to get past feeling stuck or frustrated with your lack of growth.

We’ll co-create successful strategies to help you navigate opportunities like:
And more ranging from – new market entry strategies to mergers and acquisitions

Challenging Conversations

Learn why having difficult conversations is helpful, stop avoiding them, and develop the confidence and skills to successfully manage every hard conversation like a pro

Change Management

Stay on schedule, on budget, and on goal when managing inevitable changes in your organization 

F.I.T. Audit

Frequency, Intensity, and Technique are elements that drive consistency and discipline in our growth process 

Performance Management Audit

Improve communication across your organization, develop a stronger workplace culture, and increase individual and collective productivity 

Quarterly Planning Session

Reach your goals faster when you create a focused time to learn from the past, own your results, and start fresh each quarter

The 4Ps

Learn how to maximize your results and scale your organization with specific focus on these four foundational areas: People, Process, Performance, Product

Dave pushes me out of my comfort zone; where all the good things happen!

Owner/CEO at Scotia Law

I hired Dave when I was in need of some professional accountability and he provided just that and so much more. He has helped me develop processes and practices that continue to serve me personally and professionally."

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We’ll change the way you see growth. 


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