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“A boss has the title, a leader has the people.”

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Debunking the Too Busy Myth: Overcoming Barriers to Success

Be honest: How often have you found yourself caught in the whirlwind of your own business, repeating the phrase, “I’m too busy”? 

Does this familiar mantra feel like an insurmountable obstacle on your path to multi-seven-figure success? Perhaps it’s time to question if you’re genuinely as busy as you believe or if you’ve merely fallen prey to the notorious ‘too busy’ myth.

This is a common excuse we hear when talking to entrepreneurs and business leaders, especially when we ask about specific actions we know will drive businesses forward. 

The response is regularly “I’m too busy to <fill in the blank>,” and it’s a statement we often challenge with our clients.

  • What percentage of your time are you spending on running your business? 
  • What percentage of your time are you spending on GROWING your business?
  • Are you too busy, or is it not a priority? (Time management or priority Management)
  • Are you too busy, or are you concentrating your time on the wrong types of tasks?
  • Are you too busy, or are you afraid of delegating those tasks to focus on the activities that scale businesses? 
  • Are you too busy, or are you wearing that title like a badge of honour?

The ‘too busy’ myth can be paradoxical. It may seem like a testament to your unwavering dedication and commitment to your business, but in reality, it acts as a roadblock, inhibiting your potential to scale your enterprise and achieve your true ambitions.

This perception of being ‘too busy’ too often arises from a chaotic set of priorities. The world of entrepreneurship, and indeed leadership, is a ceaseless sea of tasks and obligations, but being ‘busy’ and being ‘productive’ are two distinct states. When you’re ‘busy,’ you can easily drown in minor tasks, while being ‘productive’ means effectively prioritizing and delegating tasks, focusing on areas that contribute directly to business growth.

To overcome the ‘too busy’ myth, you need deliberate strategies. 

Step one? Acknowledge that you’re caught in the ‘busy’ trap. Once you realize this, it can be helpful to seek out a fresh perspective on managing your time and tasks. In my work with entrepreneurs, I’ve often found that an outside perspective can provide valuable insights.

A critical step in overcoming this myth is effective task prioritization and delegation. Clear systems and processes can be the linchpin in transitioning from being ‘busy’ to being ‘productive.’ They lead to increased efficiency and less time spent on tasks that don’t contribute to growth. And, delegation empowers the smoothing process of capacity – helping everyone work at a similar level towards a common goal. 

If you need a mantra to repeat, I recommend “Give up to go up,” (John Maxwell) – the idea that giving up some of your tasks to others gives you the time and space to focus on activities that will transform your business.

The rewards of overcoming the ‘too busy’ myth are manifold. Entrepreneurs who manage to debunk this myth often find themselves on a clear path to multiple seven-figure success. They experience a healthier work-life balance, better team morale, and, most importantly, the ability to consistently achieve business growth.

The ‘too busy’ myth, while pervasive, isn’t insurmountable. Debunking it can be a turning point that propels your business towards growth and prosperity. Are you ready to challenge your ‘too busy’ mindset and steer your business towards seven-figure success?

I’m here to guide you through this transformation. With tailored strategies and expertise, we can help you effectively manage your tasks, creating space for strategic growth initiatives. 

If you’re ready to bust the ‘too busy’ myth, let’s take that leap together. Reach out today and start your journey towards transformative business growth with the Rumin8 Group.

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